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Polity Quiz 1

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Which of the following is called the ‘popular chamber’?


Article _____ of the Constitution of India gives the Election Commission the power supervise elections to the Parliament and state legislatures.


In the context of Indian parliament what is ‘Zero Hour’?


How many Fundamental Duties are mentioned in Indian constitution?


In March 2019, Social Media Platforms and Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMI) introduced __________ to the Election Commission of India for the  general elections in 2019.


Which article of the Constitution of India provides that each Indian state will have a governor?


Name the first female Prime Minister of the world.


Who among the following is the executive head of India?


Who appoints Governor of a state in India?


The President can dismiss a member of the Council of Ministers?


In which year was All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) founded?


Name the first judge of the Supreme Court, against which the proposal of impeachment was presented in the Parliament of independent India?


Who is the final authority for interpreting the Indian Constitution?


The idea of residual powers in the Indian Constitution is derived from the _________ Constitution?


Which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India is related to the Uniform Civil Code?


Which Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution includes abolition of untouchability?


Which of the following articles promotes equal justice and free legal aid for all the citizens?


Which Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution states that all persons shall be equally protected by the laws of the country?


In India, which of the following articles of the Constitution of India provides for the formation of a new state?


The Constitution of India was amended for the first time in which year?


Who takes the final decision on whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not?


_________ can give the Union parliament power to make laws


Who administers the oath of the President of India?


In which part of the Indian Constitution are center-state relations mentioned?


“Central Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation” is listed in the _______ list given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India?


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