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Mathematics Quiz 1

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A dealer sells an article at a profit of ¼ of the cost. Had he sold it at a profit of ¼ of the selling price, he would have gained Rs. 50 more. The cost of the article is….


If the S.P. of an article for is 4/3 times its C.P.  the profit percent is…….

The number of Category B workers is what percentage more than that of category D workers?

A person computed his profit as % of selling price and found it to be 100/3%. What was his actual profit (%)?


Two varieties of sugar are mixed in the ratio 3 : 2 and sold for ₹80 per kg to make a profit of 25%. If the cost of the variety of sugar whose quantity is more is ₹40 per kg, what is the cost of the other variety of sugar?


The ratio in which two brands of sugar costing Rs. 1.75 per kilo and Rs. 1.84 per kilo should be mixed together so that the mixture, when sold at Rs. 2.25 per kilo yields a profit of 25% is……


A merchant bought some goods at a discount of 20% of the list price, he wants to mark them at such a price that he can give a discount of 20% of the selling price. The % of the list price at which he should mark is….


When A commodity is sold for Rs. 34.80, there is a loss of 25%. What is the cost price of the commodity?


One day, all the workers were present except 25 out of 102 of category E workers. Find the number of workers present on that day?


Which of the following three categories workers together is 60% of the total number of workers working in that company?


In a particular school, out of total 640 boys that include all the age-groups, 60% of the boys below 18 were enrolled. Out of them, 50% attended the school irregularly. If 120 boys among them were regular, how many boys were there in the school who are above 18?


In category A, the ratio of male workers to female workers is 2 : 3. The number of female workers in category A is what percentage of the total number of workers in category F?


The minimum value of 16 tan2 θ + 25cot2 θ is ?


A and B are partners in a business. They invest in the ratio of 4 : 9, at the end of 6 months A withdraws. If they receive profits in the ratio of 4 : 9, then find how long B’s investment was used.


If sin⁡α + (sin⁡α)= 1, then the value of (cos⁡α)12 + 3 (cosα)10 + 3 (cos⁡α)+ (cos⁡α )– 1  is ?


By selling an article for Rs. 19.50, a dealer makes a profit of 30%. By how much should he increase his S.P. so as to make a profit of 40%?


A sells a bicycle to B at a profit of 20% and B sells it to C at a profit of 25%. If C pays Rs. 1500, what did A pay for it?


Three cubes of metal whose edges are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5, are melted and one cube is formed. If the diagonal of the cube is 12√3 cm, then find the edge of the largest among three cubes.


The cost price of a table and a chair together is Rs. 690. If the table costs 30% more than the chair, then find the cost price of the table and the chair respectively.


One flies a kite with a thread 180 meter long. If the thread of the kite makes an angle of 60° with the horizontal line, then the height of the kite from the ground (assuming thread to be in straight line)

is ?


If total 1800 workers are working in the company then find the absolute difference between the number of workers in category D and category C ?


Vasant can do a piece of work in 24 days. He works at it alone for 4 days and his friend Ritu alone finishes the remaining work in 25 days. Both of them together can complete the work in:


A fruit seller purchases oranges at the rate of 3 for Rs. 5 and sells them at 2 for Rs. 4. His profit is…….


For what value of k, does the equation  7x+ 14x + k become perfect square?


The C.P. of 20 articles is the same as S.P. of 15 articles. The profit percent is ____________


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