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How online examination system works

The teacher or course builder creates an account with an exam builder. In such an exam system you can create questions and add them to the exam. You can choose between multiple choice questions or free text questions. The students are provided with a link to the online exam, they sign up and can take the exam. They see the results immediately afterwards. Read more about the objectives of an online examination system.

Benefits and limitations of an online examination system

The big benefit of online examination is the reduction of costs and time, both from the student as from the teacher. The biggest limitation is that you have to be online to use an online examination system. Hence the name “online”.

Read more on the advantages and disadvantages of an online examination system.

Who uses an online examination system?

Everybody who needs an exam to be taken by a group of students. Our customers range from schools and teachers to companies. 

What are typical features of an online examination system?

Obviously it must be possible to make an exam. And create questions. Preferably the exam provides for the option to create a question bank. And you have to be able to set the rules when a student passes or fails the exam. Those features are just the basics. Look at our online exam features to get a broader picture.

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