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Architech, Well Knowledge in Agriculture

Guest Speaker in Both Fields

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Company :Save India Save Agriculture

Designation: Founder

what Positive change our Suggestion will bring: Save India Save Agriculture  it’s completely  New Methodology it’s new way technology Software and Auto missionary’s Very less Water and Less Manpower, It Will Reduce for food Costs Health Problems, it

Will Reduce Pollution  and Increase Greenery it will Save agriculture for next Generation .


Auto CADD.

Archi CADD

DCA(Ms-office, Basics of C,C++)



Estimation & Quantity survey.

Site engineer.

Structural Design.

Planning & Analysis.

Quality control.

Concrete technology.


Work Experience :

Benz Architecture                                                                    Duration: Jul 2010 To Sep 2015


Designation: Senior Architect


Job Description:Naturals Beauty Salon Spa Pvt   , Green Trends ,Page 3 , Aakar Spa, O3 Spa


Co-ordination of Architect Designs and interior works for Administration in Chennai Tamil Nadu and All over India , Total 486 outlets project,




Graffiti Architect (Free Lance)                                            Duration: Nov 2008 To Aug 2010

Designation: Architect Consultant

Job description: Project Manager

A graffiti architect was founded by me and my colleague during the year 2006. I had the opportunity to design from scratch to execution a 2 storied residential bungalow for an individual in Chennai, during this time I was mainly focusing on delivering 3d views for interiors and designs done by Architects before I

left to UK for my further studies.



Creators Architects                                                                        Duration: Oct 2006 To Oct 2008

Designation: Architect Consultant

Job description: Project Manager

Creators Architects were dealing mainly on residential buildings in and around Chennai. It was a good and friendly atmosphere to start my career in architecture.




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