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Banking Awareness 1

1. Which of the following public sector banks has the largest number of branches in foreign countries?


2. The only merger of two public sector banks took place between –


3. Which of the following banks was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1919?


4. After State Bank of India, which of the following banks has the largest number of offices?


5. Which of the following rates are reviewed by the RBI at the time of periodical review of the policy?


6. What are teaser loan rates charged by banks?


7. Which of the following terms is used in banking field?


8. Expand the term EMI as used in banking/finance sector?


9. Bank rate is decided by which of the following?


10. With which of following types of loans are teaser rates related?


11. What does M in M-Banking Facility being offered by banks to their customers, stand for?


12. At which of the following cities is the Head Office of Reserve Bank of India located?


13. The reserves held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are called


14. In which year was the Imperial Bank of India rechristened as State Bank of India?


15. Banking in India is controlled by ?


16. The Imperial Bank of India, after its nationalization came to be known as


17. Regional Rural Banks are sponsored by


18. Which is the country’s third largest private sector lender whose name has been officially changed to the Axis Bank ltd. ?


19. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established ?


20. Expand the term LIBOR as used in financial banking sectors?


21. Which of the following is the apex institution which handles refinance for agriculture and rural development in India?


22. Regional Rural Banks were established in the year –


23. ATMs that are owned and managed by non-banking entities are known as ?


24. In which denomination were India’s first bimetallic coins issued in the year 2009?


25. The share of State Govt in the capital of Regional Rural Bank is ?


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