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5 Major Advantages of Vehicle Tracking

With more cars on the roads now than ever before, vehicle tracking has become an incredibly important tool for employers who wish to evade such problematic and time-consuming traffic. But aside from avoiding traffic and road problems, here are 5 extra benefits advanced tracking units can supply to businesses:


Save Money on Fuel

Like standard GPS models, vehicle tracking software will calculate the quickest and most economical route to the required destination. Some of the more advanced tracking kits give employers an update in real-time as to how much fuel is being consumed, making it easier to forecast fuel costs and allowances.

Less Potential Collisions

Research suggests that when people know they are being watched or simply get the feeling they are being watched, they become more self-conscious and more cautious. This translates, in the driving seat, to a more self-aware driver who is far less likely to have a collision that could costs the company money in repair costs or even vehicle replacement costs in the event of a write-off. A GPS tracking unit, by simply making the employee feel watched, improves their awareness and decreases their risk behind the wheel.

Managers in the Driving Seat

This type of tracking puts the employers and managers back into the driving seat by giving them more eyes on outgoing business, more knowledge and more control. It gives them an up to date view of all business geographically in real-time and, as such, lets them assume control of every single vehicle simultaneously.

Greater Foresight

Through the vehicle tracking unit, drivers, employers and managers can be notified well in advance of any upcoming traffic problems, diversions or closures, allowing them to react more quickly to avoid such an obstacle and limit the detrimental effect such an eventuality may have otherwise had on the business of the day.

Improves Employee Driving Habits

To prevent long-term damage to the car that accumulates and worsens over time, an advanced tracking unit can be used to monitor the habits of the driver, spotting any potentially bad driving habits that could be bad for that vehicle’s health. The system looks out for bad habits such as breaking too hard or running fuel dangerously low that, over a long period of time, could cause serious damage to the car that would ultimately cost the company with no one to blame. Through this technology, employers can warn employees about their bad driving habits and make an effort to stop those habits that may bring about damage to the car in the near future.

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